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What is a Computer?

What is a Computer?

A PC is a machine that can be told to do arrangements of math or legitimate tasks consequently through PC programming.  PC including the equipment,and utilized for full activity can be alluded to as a PC framework. 

This incorporates straightforward particular reason gadgets like microwaves and controllers, production line gadgets, for example, modern robots and PC helped plan, and furthermore universally useful gadgets like PCs and cell phones.

Computer components:

Mouse: This is a little gadget that will permit you to make choices on your PC screen. They come in various shapes and sizes however take after a mouse. The mouse can have 1 catch, 2 catches, 3 catches,and a parchment button. Most PCs currently have a mouse with 2 catches and a scroll button on the inside. 

Keyboard: This is utilized for composing text onto the PC screen. It looks like a typewriter and has extraordinary keys that do certain things. 

Screen: It looks like a TV screen and can show both still or moving pictures. 

System Unit – This is the enormous rectangular-formed box found in your work area. It is otherwise called a pinnacle and it is the place you can discover your CD/DVD Drive just as your Floppy Disk Drive. A few people likewise allude to the “tower” as the CPU, even though CPU additionally alludes to the real chip, so it very well may be confounding what individuals are alluding to when they state “CPU”.

PC Accessories 

Numerous extra extras are accessible for PCs and even though these are not required, they can prove to be useful relying upon what you’re going to utilize your PC for.

Modem: This works like a system card, just it’s much increasingly slow a standard telephone line to impart to the outside world. 

Scanners: These are like printers notwithstanding, they can check pictures that can either be seen on the screen or printed out. There are additionally scanners/printer mixes that print and sweep utilizing one machine. 

Speakers: These are utilized to play sound. They can either be implicit or associated by utilizing links. 

 Avoiding Need for Repair 

The entirety of the PC parts and embellishments should be set up appropriately with the goal that the PC will be prepared to run. In setting up your PC, follow these tips. 

Evacuating the Equipment: You will need to be cautious expelling the hardware out of the crate since all the pieces to a PC are delicate and breaking them will make extra expenses. A portion of the parts incorporate a force line, screen, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

Position: You will need to situate the PC and its parts with the goal that they are helpfully open. The console ought to be reachable, the pinnacle ought to be very much ventilated, the screen ought to be in full view and the mouse ought to be set up contingent upon which hand you plan on utilizing. 

Module: Once the design of the PC has been sifted through, the time has come to connect all the PC parts. These parts are normally shading coded and will be connected to the rear of the pinnacle. Allude to your client manual on the off chance that you are uncertain how to connect something. Associate the screen to the PC. Typically, the screen link is extraordinarily molded due to its little hand-screws that should be fixed once connected. 

Power up: Once everything has been connected and you twofold checked the associations, you can turn on the PC. When it boots up, directions will show up on the screen on the most proficient method to finish the establishment.


Disc ROM Drive: This is a piece of a PC that peruses data put away on minimal circles. It is generally found with the framework tower. 

Web: This is a worldwide framework that serves billions of individuals over the world. It is utilized to interface PC arrays and incorporates a wide range of employments from organizations to individual use. It conveys data including electronic mail and texting. It can likewise be utilized for web-based shopping, taking classes, finding a business, long range interpersonal communication, and significantly more. 

Floppy Disk Drive: A floppy drive is utilized to store and recover data found on floppy circles. 

What to do When Your Computer Freezes 

At the point when a PC ‘freezes’ this implies it has quit reacting. As you attempt to move the mouse around the screen it will seem stuck and the mouse bolt won’t move. This issue can be brought about by a few distinct things, for example, an infection assault, maximized memory, obsolete equipment drivers, and that’s just the beginning.

End Task: To see whether the PC is for sure solidified you should hit the Num Lock button that can be found on your console. At the point when you do this check the Num Lock LED to check whether it turns on and off. On the off chance that you can get the Num Lock LED to turn on and off and are in Windows, hit the CTRL + ALT + DEL fastens all simultaneously. You will see various choices relying upon the adaptation of Windows you are utilizing.On the off chance that you are fortunate, and the PC reacts to the CTRL + ALT + DEL order, attempt to stack the Task Manager. From that point, attempt to discover which program is hoarding up the CPU and take a stab at completing that task. 

Rebooting a Frozen Computer: If the End Task choice has not helped your PC to recoup you should close it down or reboot it. Remember that whatever reports were not spared will be totally lost from the shutdown or reboot process. To close it down or reboot it, hit the CTRL + ALT + DEL fastens all at once. On the off chance that that is totally inert, you must choose between limited options, hit the force catch to kill the PC. Hold up 60 seconds. Presently walk out on. 

The issue in Software: It could be that the PC is booting up due to an issue with the product. On the off chance that you discover the PC freezes while running a specific program, verify whether any updates are accessible for that specific programming. Likewise, check refreshes accessible for your working framework too. 

Equipment Issues: If an equipment issue is making the PC freeze it could be such a significant number of things-  awful memory, overheating chip, hard drive blunders, video card issues, and so forth. Equipment can be tried by trading out the awful parts for good ones. To do this you may require PC administration. 


CPU: This represents the Central Processing Unit and is otherwise called a processor. Its capacity is to deal with the directions and estimations that it gets from other PC segments, for example, equipment and programming. 

Equipment Driver: An equipment driver is a product program that advises the PC on how to utilize a bit of equipment. Each part of a PC will have an equipment driver, for example, a printer, hard circle, DVD player, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Motherboard: Found inside a PC framework, a motherboard is the “board” that interconnects all interior and outer segments of a PC. 

Num Lock LED: LED represents Light Emitting Diode and it is a light that is either red/golden or green in shading. It demonstrates whether the Num Lock button is on or off. 

Undertaking: This is the thing that the PC is right now chipping away at. For instance, on the off chance that it is printing or running a program, this is an assignment that the PC is running. 

Updates: An update is expected to keep a program current. Programming programs are continually advancing and being made to work better. When something has been fixed or improved, an update will be made accessible as a rule at the organization’s site.

Program Stops Responding 

At the point when a program on a PC quits reacting it might be brought about by a few unique things, for example, an issue with equipment or programming, absence of assets, or a bug in the drivers or programming. You can tell if the PC has quit reacting by moving the mouse bolt and squeezing catches. In the case of nothing occurring, at that point, the program isn’t reacting. To recuperate from any program that has quit reacting you should end the current assignment. 

Terminating a Task: To end an errand or program hit the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys on the console all together at once. Snap the Nearby Program choice or go to the Undertaking Manager  window.Remember that all data that has not been spared will be lost when you end a program.

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