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5 Reasons Why Freelancing is the Ultimate Career for Indians

Before we actually begin discussing the topic,  why Freelancing is a good career option, let us remember the scenario that led us here. 

So it all began somewhere in 2020 when most of us were locked inside our own houses that the reality of 9-5 jobs hit us hard. 

Though some of us started working from home and others had had some savings to survive the time, most of us were jobless, penniless and hopeless.

From those who belonged to the latter category, some (including me) really promised ourselves to find a better career alternative once things improved.

But did this really happen? Not really!

As soon as we all got the liberty to step out of our homes and begin our “jobs”, we rushed towards our offices thanking god for normalizing our routines again and forgot the promise we made to ourselves.

Well, not all of us did that, at least not the ones who have come to this page to read this article.

So if the idea of returning to a normal 9-5 job scares you, congratulations, you are on the path to financial freedom and satisfactory work-life!

Surely there are going to be many questions in this regard but today all of them would be answered, bringing more clarity about freelancing than ever.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing basically means working according to one’s own self.

A freelancer who is usually an expert in a niche specifically chosen for himself by himself, works on a short-term (contractual) basis where he does a job and gets paid for it.

Even though freelancing has been the norm for a pretty long time, as most of the new start-ups have begun during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a substantial rise in the demand for freelancers.

What is more, it is these troubled times that have forced people to look out for another source of income and hence try their hands in freelancing

The best part about freelancing is that it provides freedom of every kind to the freelancer, whether that is regarding the field to work in (we will discuss about it later in the article), the type of job to do or any other terms and conditions applying to a job.

With a very low investment (some of them are literally free!) and set-ups, anybody can start freelancing regardless of their previous experience, physical conditions and background, all of which matter in a ‘job’.

5 Benefits of Freelancing:

Now that you have a fair idea of what freelancing is all about, let us delve deeper into the advantages of freelancing.

  • Absolutely easy source of income:

The idea of quitting a job which is your only source of income can be terrifying, but there is really no limit to how many jobs you can do, right?

With freelancing you can earn a fair amount of money easily. I have used the term ‘easily’ as you would freelance in the field you have selected for yourself which is definitely going to be the one you have expertise in or enjoy doing, so easy money!

Once you understand how freelancing works, you can quit your job to continue as a full-time freelancer and earn much more than you did in your previous job.

  • A fairly stressless work:

As in the case of freelancing you are the one who selects the job to be done, it is relatively stress-free and for most of the freelancers it is something like a passion for them.

However, it is important to keep in mind that some tasks can be tedious and hence it is extremely crucial for freelancers to choose jobs wisely and make a commitment to complete it in the most practical time possible.

But whatever the case is, working while sipping coffee and sitting in the comfort of your home is far better than working in the office where how a typical day would be spent depends on the mood of your boss or supervisor!

  • No limit on earning

Yes, you read it right. In freelancing, you and only you decide what amount of money you want to take home. You can choose the job that pays more or opt for several short jobs that pay good money. 

Remember, choosing for high-paying jobs means that the work in them is going to be relatively more, so it is always advised to understand the task to be done and then do it accordingly.

However, without any qualms, freelancing pays an amount higher than the normal jobs do and on an average a ‘good’ freelancer earns somewhere between 1 to 2 lacs per month.

  • A lot of experience and exposure

Another interesting aspect of freelancing is that it provides a lot of international exposure and experience to the freelancers.

Actually, most of the business personnels around the world who are taking their businesses online are constantly on the look-out for hardworking, and no offence here please, cheap labour, which thanks to our currency rate, makes both of them true in the case of Indians.

This means just while sitting in the comfy chair of your beloved room as well, you can experience a foreign culture and who knows you get a chance to have a trip abroad too!

  • You are your own boss

No doubt, there are going to be people who are going to tell you what to do but those people would be none other than your clients. 

Apart from the people on whose projects you will be freelancing, there is going to be no person directing you what and how something is to be done, and in fact, you will have the complete liberty to choose the way a task is done.

Seriously, this one was a big catch for me, as no one can deny that ‘bosses’ in Indian offices can be really discourteous at times.

Why are there not many freelancers?

Till the time you reach here you must be wondering that if there are so many benefits of freelancing, why does everyone not become a freelancer?

To be honest, this question is very simple yet the most important one. 

Let’s be very straightforward in answering it. Most people do not freelance because of their FEAR.

Yes, fear.

The fear of leaving a ‘job’

The fear of losing a ‘fixed source of income’

The fear of doing ‘hard-work’

The fear of taking ‘risks’

The fear of ‘change’

Had people not feared these things, most Indians would have been freelancing and being financially free working on their own terms.

But this isn’t the only reason. Many people are also not aware of something such as freelancing as there aren’t many Indian websites promoting it.

In order to aware Indians about freelancing, Nettycoons has taken an initiative to promote and provide work to each freelancer who has the talent but lacks the platform.

How do I become a Freelancer?

If you have decided to take yourself out from the vicious circle of a simple job and steady income, Nettycoons welcomes you.

Once you register with us, all you need to do is select a niche for yourself and work on polishing your skills.

Nettycoons will find work for you and help you grow yourself, professionally as well as intellectually. So, why wait? Visit or reach us out at

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We hope that these 5 reasons why freelancing is considered the ultimate career for Indians would be really helpful for you.

Good luck!

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